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Q&A TTIP Leaks (en inglés)

Documento - mayo 1, 2016
The documents that Greenpeace Netherlands has released encompass about half of the draft text as of April 2016, before the start of the 13th round of TTIP negotiations between the EU and the US. As far as we know the final document will consist of 25 to 30 chapters and many extensive annexes.

Of those 25 to 30 chapters we know 17 are consolidated. Consolidated texts are those where the EU and US positions on issues are shown side by side. This step in the negotiation process allows us to see the areas where the EU and US are close to agreement, and where compromises and concessions would still need to be made. Of the documents released by Greenpeace Netherlands, in total 248 pages, 13 chapters are known to be consolidated.

What are the main findings in the documents?