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Onboard employment

Socio-economic impact of a sustainable fisheries model

Documento - marzo 17, 2014
European fisheries are facing an unsustainable situation in which previously rich, diverse fish populations have been decimated to a fraction of their original size, giving rise to an ecological, social and ultimately, economic crisis.

por un pesca sostenible, empleo a bordoIn addition to the effects of overfishing, the large ships in European fleets are having an impact on marine ecosystems.

The report Onboard employment: Socio-economic impact of a sustainable fisheries model proposes a series of measures to be implemented between 2014 and 2024 and analyses the effects they would have on the economy and employment.

This set of actions would make Spanish fisheries 100% sustainable and would also increase economic production by 4 billion euros and create over 60,100 jobs; as well as delivering better conserved, resource-rich seas and coasts.

Onboard employment