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NO oil! Neither here nor in the Arctic There is a solution to our energy dependency on fossil fuels.

Documento - julio 23, 2014
The Ukrainian crisis has put the debate surrounding European energy dependency at the top of all the agendas and exposed two major problems in the European energy sector: the continuing heavy dependence on fossil fuels and the fact that 53% of energy consumption in Europe comes from beyond its borders, primarily from Russia.

Prospecciones no, ni aquí ni en el ÁrticoThe majority of responses being proposed by the European Commission and governments do not represent any real change to the current situation, which depends on hydrocarbon and uranium imports, but to merely change the gas supplier (from Russia to others) and/or to boost indigenous fuels (conventional and unconventional fossils, such as shale gas extracted by fracking).Searching for more oil or gas does not solve the problem of energy dependency; instead, it exacerbates many other environmental problems.

This document looks first at the state and impacts of the prospecting that Repsol and Cairn Energy are carrying out in different parts of Spain. It is open season for oil in many parts of the world that remain free of any exploitation of this kind and these very companies are also in the Arctic, where Greenpeace is working hard to protect extraction of the misnamed “black gold”, among other activities.

This document also sets out the reasons why Greenpeace says no to oil prospecting and joins the broad social rejection that it is generating.

Finally, the report looks into how the current energy model depends on fossil fuels and the opportunity that exists to move ahead with real solutions to achieve ambitious European climate and energy targets by 2030. A change of energy model through the use of renewables and energy efficiency is the solution. This is why Greenpeace says no to the search for more oil, neither in Spain nor in the Arctic, nor anywhere else.

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